Media Studies

Download PDF by Robert Goldman: Reading Ads Socially

By Robert Goldman ISBN-10: 0415053994 ISBN-13: 9780415053990 ISBN-10: 041551326X ISBN-13: 9780415513265 [...]

Download e-book for iPad: Bausteine systemtheoretischer PR-Theorie: Eine by Joachim Preusse

By Joachim Preusse ISBN-10: 3869621850 ISBN-13: 9783869621852 Trotz zunehmender Bemühungen um die [...]

Get Financialization of Daily Life (Labor in Crisis) PDF

By Randy Martin ISBN-10: 1566399874 ISBN-13: 9781566399876 ISBN-10: 1566399882 ISBN-13: 9781566399883 [...]

Download PDF by Gerhard Chr. Bukow,Benjamin Jörissen,Johannes Fromme: Raum, Zeit, Medienbildung: Untersuchungen zu medialen

By Gerhard Chr. Bukow,Benjamin Jörissen,Johannes Fromme ISBN-10: 3531184717 ISBN-13: 9783531184715 [...]

Download e-book for iPad: Creativity and Advertising: Affect, Events and Process by Andrew McStay

By Andrew McStay ISBN-10: 0415519543 ISBN-13: 9780415519540 ISBN-10: 0415519551 ISBN-13: 9780415519557 [...]

Joe Kincheloe,Shirley R. Steinberg's The Miseducation of the West: How Schools and the Media PDF

By Joe Kincheloe,Shirley R. Steinberg ISBN-10: 0275981606 ISBN-13: 9780275981600 The Miseducation of the West [...]

Download e-book for iPad: Zahlenwerk: Kalkulation, Organisation und Gesellschaft by Andrea Mennicken,Hendrik Vollmer

By Andrea Mennicken,Hendrik Vollmer ISBN-10: 3531151673 ISBN-13: 9783531151670 Inwiefern die massenhafte [...]

Download PDF by Zeynep Tufekci: Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked

By Zeynep Tufekci ISBN-10: 0300215126 ISBN-13: 9780300215120 ISBN-10: 0300234171 ISBN-13: 9780300234176 [...]

Download e-book for iPad: Consumer Psychology in a Social Media World by Claudiu V. Dimofte,Curtis P. Haugtvedt,Richard F. Yalch

By Claudiu V. Dimofte,Curtis P. Haugtvedt,Richard F. Yalch ISBN-10: 0765646935 ISBN-13: 9780765646934 ISBN-10: [...]

Get McLuhan Misunderstood: Setting the Record Straight PDF

By Robert Logan ISBN-10: 1926780523 ISBN-13: 9781926780528 The prior twenty years, starting with the public's [...]